I'm thinking of trying to order my roses on the I must admit that I'm terrified to buy them online and not get to see them yet they are at a really great price... anyone have any suggestions or know anything about this place?


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    I purchased the flowers for my centerpieces from Sam's Club and was very happy for the price.  They arrived when they said and were in great shape.
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    I'm thinking of getting flowers from Sam's club also. I've heard lots of great reviews and I've bought flowers from the store and they are always in great shape. I don't know anything about rosesource though.
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    I bought roses (and other flowers) from Costco for my DIY flowers.  I didn't order in advance, just went in on the Thursday before the wedding and picked up several bunches.  I spent several months checking out the flower stand every time I went to Costco and they always seemed to have a good amount of roses available (we bought 6 dozen ivory and 2 dozen orange in the end.)  They sells roses at 15.99 for 2 dozen.  Nice long stems, not too open.  They held up great and my step-mom said her corsage was still beautiful over a week later.  You do have to be a member to shop at Costco but if you're not you could always find a friend to take you, or pay someone to pick you up a giftcard (which you can use as a non-member.)  
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