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Hi knotties,

My FI and I live in St. Louis, but our wedding and reception will be at Avon Gardens in Avon, IN.

When we visited the garden center last July for a tour, we ran into Big Earl as he was setting up for the evening wedding reception that was going to take place. He gave us his business card and told my FI that he can cook a whole pig (this is something the FI really wants), sides, and table service for around 8-10 per person. 

I am floored by this price and since we are approaching our "need to pick a caterer" deadline, I was wondering if anyone has ever used Big Earl's catering (I believe he is based out of Danville, IN), what you liked/disliked, how the food tasted, what type of food is he able to provide, etc.

I have searched the internet high and low for a website, but from what I can tell, he doesn't have one.

Anyone who has every had food or service provided by Big Earl's will be extremely appreciated. It is quite hard to pick caterers from 4 hours away. :)
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Re: Big Earl's Catering

  • We use him for our work functions...have had steak, fried chicken, really good buscuits and apple butter, cheesey potatoes, pasta is really good's pretty home cooking/family reunion kind of food. but he is very reasonable, attentive and good.
  • Thank you for the feedback, Linz.  I haven't found any negative reviews so I am hoping he will work out with us just fine.
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  • I know this reply won't help the original poster as her deadline has passed, but I wanted to submit a review of Big Earl's Catering in case others are looking.

    Big Earl catered our June 2012 wedding.  I was honestly apprehensive about someone named "Big Earl," but he came highly recommended to me. I am so happy that we met with him and chose him to cater our event.

    Earl is very easy to work with and cares about your event.  He even helped us cut a few corners and save on the budget with some insider tips.  Earl functioned as a quasi-wedding planner for the reception. He coordinated with the photographer, DJ, and other personel.  

    We had a large outdoor wedding and reception. Earl did a walk-through 2 days before the big day and was there on time for the activities.  Earl's company cooks everything on site which is great if you want fresh food in a more remote area!  His catering menu is very varied from "down home county" to nicer dishes.

    My only complaint is that it was sometimes hard to get in touch with Earl.  I had much better luck via phone than email. :)
  • Does anyone have any of his information? I'm  in the process of looking for caters right now. Thanks in advance.
  • We decided to go with Big Earl afterall! I absolutely adore him and feel that what he is offering us is not only reasonable, but will tast AMAZING! Some of my friends have conveyed not wanting to "look at a dead pig", so Earl is helping us with that by offering a chicken option as wel.

    He was pretty hard to reach around the 500 since he was catering and serving food to the masses, but since then he has been really easy to get in touch with. My FI loves chatting with him on the phone.

    @Divalicious Bride, You can email him at [email protected] (tell him "Christina from St. Louis" gave you his info.

    @Abbynuet, can you tell me more about your experience? Maybe more specific about how he stepped in to help coordinate with the photographer, DJ, etc. We are about 1.5 months away and I would love to hear some tips from you about how Earl worked with you. I will be arriving in Indy on the Wednesday before my wedding and was planning on scheduling a visit with Earl to do a walk through at Avon Gardens.
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  • Christina,

    I PM you my email address.  Feel free to send me any/all questions you may have!
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