How did you reserach your DJ?

I've got about 90% of my wedding squared away and am SO happy with all of our vendors so far, but I am totally resisting making our final decision regarding entertainment.

My fiance and I are not huge dancers and plan to have an open dance floor for only about 2-2.5 hours.  We have gone back and forth between live music and DJs over and over again and have even considered using a home grown playlist but struggle with the idea of complicated equipment set up and management and the need for some sort of MC...

Needless to say we are waffling big time with little forward progress.  We are REALLY not into the cheesy DJ scene and it's likely I'd sock someone in the teeth if they put "Brick House" on during my reception.  I don't want a lot of talking or showmanship, but I do want a well-spoken, experienced MC to help move things along.  Trouble is, everyone likes a different style and I don't know how I'm supposed to tell the cheesy from the classy unless I've actually been to an event where that professional has been hired.

Do any of you have any particularly good experiences with bands or DJs in the Tahoe area that you'd like to share?  Was there a particular strategy you used to reserach your entertainment optons?

Thanks for the help!

Re: How did you reserach your DJ?

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    we are going to go with a DJ. all in the area have a 4 hour min on a saturday wedding. it just takes the stress off of the planning. When is your event? A lot are already booked for Aug of next year so hard to find them. All the bands in the area are very chessy!
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    Take a look at the reviews on here.  Our band let us sneak a peak at an event, but that is few and far between that vendors offer that.  Even if you don't like to dance, you need to really do your research on your DJ or Band, in my opinion its all about the music and the food.
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