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Florist in Mississagua - Working on Budget

Hi Ladies,

I will most likely go through a family friend who is a florist for our Sep wedding but I wanted to meet with another reasonably priced florist first just to compare.  I am looking for bouquets, flowers for parens and grandparents, centerpieces at reception and maybe some flowers at the head table.  Budget is around $2300.  If I do not use my family friend, I would prefer to go through a florist.  If we do go through the family friend we will either go though her shop or order the flowers wholesale and have her prepare the flowers the day of.  Streetsville florist seem to have alright prices.  Any other recommendations?

Re: Florist in Mississagua - Working on Budget

  • achiduckachiduck member
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    $2300 should get you gorgeous flowers at almost any place. I'd start by calling around to some.
  • ringgirl3ringgirl3 member
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    Agnes16 we are date twins :)

    Hmmm...good question.  I am also looking for a florist in Mississauga.
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    Hey Agnes,
    I have a great florist...Grace from Rosarium in Vaughan. I am paying around $1800. I know she does a great job because my sister used her.  She really goes the extra mile to make sure everything looks perfect on your big day.  This price includes bridal party boutonnieres, bouquets and corsages and boutonnieres for aunts and uncles, grandparents and parents of the bride and groom, as well as some other things.

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    I haven't started looking for florists yet but when my sister got married she used the florist who works out of Michael-Angelo's Marketplace (Erin Mills/403). A lot of people recommended her and the flowers ended up being gorgeous and reasonable. At first she was put off because she's a grocery store florist, but she used to have her own store. Check it out.
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  • StephieBowStephieBow member
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    Check out Pandora's Box in Mississauga. I used her, my flowers turned out great (attached a pic of my bouquet for you too) I spent half your budget on flowers and they turned out gorgeous!

    Just put that into google and she'll be the first hit. Her name is Laura.

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  • mattycammattycam member
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    The florist I used was Frankda Floral Design - www.frankdafloral.com

    She is based out of Mississauga and even though your budget is $2300, you can probably still save as she is able to get any flower you want at wholesale prices.
  • cd080111cd080111 member
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    I heard so many good things from this florist from my friends. I will contact them for a quote for my Sept 2012 wedding. They can really work with your budget.
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    My florist was not from Mississauga, but travels, she's out in Niagara!

    Her flowers are AMAZING, she is SUPER awesome to deal with, and her pricing is SPOT on!

    I cannot say enough amazing things about her, honestly a dream to work with!

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