I was checking out your bio and came across your Stag and Doe pictures.Funny story... I know your brother! :)He's taking the same program at Conestoga that I did.I had to look really close to make sure it was him before I said anything :)Good luck this weekend.  Hope that your day is fantastic!
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    Too funny.  What a small world, eh?Not that many people would forget meeting my brother, but then you've met him, so you know what I mean.  What a ham.Thanks for the wishes of luck.  I think I'm finally the point where I'm not stressed anymore, and will just let what happens happen.  The fact that I'm done work for 2.5 weeks in an hour helps with that I think....I'm going to pass on your bio to Nate, see what he has to say!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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