ELAN WEDDINGS - AWFUL wedding planner!!!!

I was married recently and loved my wedding but was incredibly disappointed by my wedding planner, Leah Eliott, at elan weddings in Toronto. I was under the impression she would be setting up my wedding with a team but little did I know she included her teenage niece as part of her "staff". All night long she failed to successfully coordinate events. She did not signal the waiters to come out to distribute the champaigne toast which was supposed to immediately follow our ceremony and instead our groomsmen had to jump up and down to signal them. I had sentimental cake toppers which i had told her I wanted on our cake but when she misplaced them she put on random ones she had instead. We had a candy station she was supposed to set up which she assigned her teenage niece to do. This resulted in a very scattered and smeared arrangement of candy in the very expensive apothecary jars i had purchased with no artistic touch whatsoever. The list of slip ups could go on forever, she was horrendous and i strongly urge anyone looking for a wedding planner to boycott elan weddings, Leah Eliott, in particular. She was a HUGE HUGE waste of money.

Re: ELAN WEDDINGS - AWFUL wedding planner!!!!

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    Good to know. I would also pass this on to Elan Weddings, they should know if their employees are not doing the jobs they are paid for.
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    Thanks for this review, very informative.I just wanted to take this opportunity to mention a change in the Knot rules regarding 'vendor bashing'. Vendor reviews ARE now allowed as long as they are factual, thoughtful, free of profanity and character assassination.With this, vendors are also allowed to respond to vendor reviews by emailing The Knot, and the Knot admins will post the response if appropriate.Just wanted to give you the heads up! I will also make another announcement about this soon.
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