Churches in GTA

Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice church? We're looking for one that has high ceilings and maybe stained glass windows. We're not Catholic though, so I don't think we can go to a Catholic church....

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    I think ST james on King street east near Jarvis is anglican.  It looks like a cathedral.
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    I'm assuming then that you guys don't have a regular church and are looking for a church venue that takes non-members for weddings?My friends got married at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church on St. Clair W. I'm pretty sure they're not members of that church.Just out of curiosity... may I ask why you want to have a church wedding?
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    Thanks for the replies!Ring_pop: We want to have it in a church because we are religious in that we believe in God, etc., so we feel that it would be right to be married in a church. But we have not been attending church every Sunday, and that's where you're right about us not having our own church to go to.  Timothy Eaton is a gorgeous church but my fiance's brother just got married there 3 days ago, so we want to find a different place :PSugiepie: Thanks for the suggestion for St. James - we will definitely check it out!
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