Hey all!

What are you all wearing jewellery wise? I don't have anything up to wedding snuff, so I'm on the hunt for some reasonably priced and complimentary to my dress.

Defintely a necklace, I need something to break up the expanse of bare skin (strapless dress)

Any ideas?

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    I wore chandelier earrings and a bracelet - no necklace.  I had a strapless dress.  Pearls are always classic if you are wanting a necklace, and Etsy has some great finds for jewelry.  I got my earrings and hair flower on there.  Earrings from TZtudio, and flower from PrimandPosies in case you are looking up sellers.
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    I had chandelier-ish faux diamond earrings and a simple faux diamond necklace, both from eBay (was on a budget!)  Could you borrow jewellery from a family member for your "something borrowed" ? just another consideration
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    i also have a strapless dress and am planning on wearing big earrings and a big bracelet. no necklace.
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    I love your dress!

    Mine is also strapless and I ordered some long earrings with crystals online.  I think I want a necklace too, but have my first fitting in two weeks, so I'll see if I need a necklace then.  If you do want one, I have been looking on etsy-haven't found the perfect one yet, but some good stuff.

    Also, the one of a kind show is on this weekend and there is lots of great jewellry there!
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    I love your dress!  Mine is also an essence dress! 
    Anyway, I was going to wear a small necklace and when I saw my Aunt at a family get-together she had this beautiful crystal necklace on... danty, but just right!  Anyway, I complimented her on it and she offered to lend it to me... works out well since I need something borrowed... right...
    So anyway, I was going to suggest asking family what they have.  Plus it puts a little more meaning into it.  Good Luck!
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    I don't wear earrings so... no clip-ons! White pearl necklace, diamond bracelet FI gave me for our anniversary last Nov. My grandmother had a single pearl, so I may work it into my hair or bouquet somehow  -nervous about the boquet since I'm giving it away!
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    I'll be using jewellery from Bittersweet. Costume jewels, yes, shame? NONE!

    Bittersweet has an awesome bridal collection, and they do consultations, too! They have a gorgeous pearl and CZ necklace that I have been eyeing for months.
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    Thanks ladies!

    I think I get to see my dress again next week :D so I think I'll decide then if I need a necklace too.

    I'm on Etsy all the time, the problem there is that there is so much to choose from it's hard to make a decision. I really hope someone has something I can borrow. I think it would be much easier for me if someone just said 'wear this!" It takes me an incredibly long time to picka  chocolate bar at the convenience store LOL

    I did look at Bittersweet a little while ago, but I thought thier prices were a little crazy given that nothing is real, I mean, not even real silver. It does look good though, and I haven't seen the bridal stuff.  I'll take another look!

    I missed the one of a kind show AGAIN!!! Every year!

    Thanks ladies!
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