Decorations and Day of Wedding Coordinator

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows a good place or website to buy decorations such as aisle runner, chair sashes, cloth, and rose petals?

Also I keep hearing about hiring a day of wedding coordinator. Is it necessory and worth it? What was your experience?
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Re: Decorations and Day of Wedding Coordinator

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    I wouldn't do an aisle runner (personally) because I think they are an unnecessary expense... people trip on them, they get wrinkled from walking and the wind blowing and look all messy.  More hassle than they're worth IMHO.

    You can get real freeze-dried rose petals from Ecoparti:     Good quality stuff.  If you want fake petals, check out Michaels and use a 40% off coupon.  Dollarama also has (cheap) petals in a limited number of colours.

    I didn't buy chair sashes - I didn't want the hassle of ironing them and tying them.  I rented them from my decorator.  She supplied the linens (tablecloths, napkins washed and ironed and set on the tables) too.  She was mediocre so I wouldn't recommend her here, but I did like the experience of renting them and having her set them up - it made everything simple! 
  • Not sure where to get those decorations as im not getting any of me its just a waste of we're getting other sorts of for a co-ordinator..we have one for the day and it's included with our decor....well worth the money as i want to be stree free for the day

    this is there website...
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    Hi, I'm an event planner working out of Toronto and would love to help you make your day perfect! My company is still small and I've kept it that way so that I can concentrate and and give my attention to a minimal number of brides I was a bride that was ignored. I only do one wedding per month so no chance of double booking on your day. If you are interested you can drop me a line at I look forward to speaking with you, Shein
  • You can also rent the items from a place that rents chair covers or linens.  As for a day of co-ordinator - it's totally up to you.  If you have a trusted friend that can do the job, ask her.  But it is a difficult job and she has to be organized and structured.  Or you can handle that yourself, but it is stressful to deal with details while you're getting ready for your wedding.  A co-ordinator can deal with all the little stuff for you while you enjoy your day.
  • i know a great linen rental place.  just had mine ordered for my hall.  they're not pricey and really great to deal with.  they thru me in a couple of things for free.  they're called mega city linen and located in etobicoke.
  • I am not sure where to purchase those things, but if your being married in a church I would check to see if your allowed aisle runner, as I know our church does not allow them. Our reception venue also includes a day of coordinator to us, I would check to see if your venue does, I know from friends weddings that many venues include this.

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  • try or go to micheals with your 50% off coupon
  • Thanks I did use!  I love that website now
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