Venue visits - questions??

Going to look at a couple of venues tomorrow... I'm taking two of my bridesmaid because fiance has to work
All of the places I'm looking at do "packages" - just wondering if there are certain questions that I should ask (clearly I'm new to this)

Re: Venue visits - questions??

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    Ask what the packages entail, other than the food, e.g. are linens/tables/dishware/glassware, etc. included or do you have to rent them? Are gratuties/HST included in the price? Can you customized the package, e.g. for a person who has allergies (gluten or peanut) or make substitutions?   Who manages the event, i.e. do they have a specific co-ordinator or event planner who oversees things?  Do you have to use their "preferred" vendors (preferred sometimes means exclusive) or can you bring in your own?  These questions will let you know how flexible they are since some venues can be strict on things.

    Also depends on what is important to you, e.g. are you going to be the only event happening at the venue or will you have to share it?

    Those should enough for now - I'm sure your bridesmaids will chime in if there's something they've forgotten.
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    Also things like prices for minors and vendors if bar is included in the package.

    Cost for doing a ceremony on site if you're interested in that.

    Good luck!
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    Online you can even find checklist for this. Just look up "questions to ask a wedding banquet venue" or something like that. I know I was able to find several and I made a list taking different question from a couple.

    PPs have great questions as well.
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    Venue Questions???
    Can we use candles in our centre pieces? Any restrictions?
    Can we decorate ourselves? When can we decorate?  How early do we have use of the hall?
    Coat Check and Bathrooms (view)
    Where can you have the outdoor ceremony?  What if it rains?
    Do we share the outdoor space with the other hall?
    Open Bar - for how many hrs?
    Do we need a liquor license?
    Do/can we bring our own liquor? Is there a corkage fee?
    Are there any additional fees? SOCAN etc?
    Is there a good sound system & speakers/stereo and lighting?
    Is there a room for the bridal party?
    How late can you play music and serve alcohol?
    Do you have video equipment (screen to play photo video)
    Do they have a space available for a wedding rehearsal beforehand?
    Servers, Tables, Chairs, linens….what is included?
    Start time for wedding and reception?
    Can we bring outside food?
    Can we have a photo booth set-up?
    Is there a wedding coordinator?
    Who is responsible for set-up and tear down for decorations?
    Is a tasting included as part of the wedding package?
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    thanks sooooooooooooooooo much guys! I pulled an idiot move by asking the question on here and forgetting to check BEFORE I left this morning - oops!
    BUT thankfully I think I covered most of my bases....
    the ones I didn't ask (that you guys thought of) I can ask by email! thanks so much!
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    I'm in the process of visiting venues too.  Does forget to ask about fees...even if you are getting a package.  The main ones we are coming up against is the Landmark fee and corkage fees.  The Landmark fee is a can be up to 20% of your food and drink bill!  For example, if your food and drink tab comes to $1000, expect to pay an extra $200 on top of that.  Yikes!
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