venue costs

i am planning to get married in the same general area...  

My wedding will be outdoors in a local park which is attached to a local arena...

Apparently i cannot rent them the same way, the park is through the city and the arena is directly through the arena....

i have inquired about the arena and for a monday they are charging 80/hour the reception has to end at 1am and i only get 1 hour after for teardown...the venue can accept deliveries all day on the day of but for every hour of set up i have to pay an additional 80/hr.

i am just in the process of finalizing the contract with my planner and i know she will help sort out the costs and hopefully get better deals than  i possibly could but i am wondering if these are typical ways venues handle things.... and if the 80/hr is a good rate for a weekday may wedding in gta

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  • How many hours are you planning to rent it?  Most hall rentals I saw were $1500-$2500 for 5 PM - 1AM but that was for a banquet hall.

    Why is it a Monday wedding?  Is it a holiday Monday?

    Yes, I think $80/hour is a totally reasonable room rental rate.
  • it is just the date we chose... we were getting married 2013 which would have made it a sunday but we have postponed it a year due to circumstances beyond our control

    it is not a holiday monday

    1500-2500 for a banquet hall from 5pm...  ok good to have a comparison... the venue has also emailed me letting me know to rent it from 7am till 1am (plus the one hour teardown) is 1250 plus HST...   seems really reasonable considering the banquet hall rate....
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    If it is not a holiday and you are planning for a Monday then realistically I wouldn't worry about the extra hour of tear-down time at the end.  If people have to go to work the next day (and/or worked during the day on the Monday) then it's unlikely they will stay late.  It will probably be a short party in the evening.

    Do you have to bring in your own tables and chairs etc?  Those room rental fees I quoted included tables and chairs, you just had to bring your own catering and centerpieces/decorations.
  • You should ask your wedding planner what is normal...

    Most venues (traditional ones like banquet hall) I think lets you set up at 3 in the afternoon. If there is nothing booked for lunch, they let you set up at noon. That`s what we were told.

    I agree your wedding should probably end by midnight at the latest. My friend had a last-holiday-day wedding and although the dance floor was rocking, they wrapped up by midnight. Sometimes your backdrop people will do take down while the party is still going, their delivery people don`t want to stay up too late.
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