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I was at the Distillery last weekend and saw a bride and groom with their photographer. I had never realized it before, but there some wonderful and unique spots to take photos. I don't know what their policy is but if anyone is looking to get their wedding pictures taken downtown, this is an area worth checking out.

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    my friend had her wedding photos done there 4 years ago. im not sure how much it was but it wasn't cheap and the rules are quite specific. the photos looked great though, we all looked amazing
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    KewiiKewii member
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    I looked into it for my engagement shoot.  It was over $200 for a permit.  Not something I wanted to spend on my engagement.  I would consider it for my wedding--if I were getting married in that area.
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    It is a beautiful area, the permit costs $700 to shoot there.  Definitely not in my budget either, but if I could - I definitely would.
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    I'm pretty sure it's not $700...I think it's closer to $250-ish.  I'm getting married there in a couple of weeks, and the fee for the permit is waived if you have your wedding in the distillery anywhere.  The fee goes to the distillery, not the city.
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    I wanted to have my engagement photos or my wedding photos there and when my photographer called there, she was quoted $700, taxes in. So we declined.  But even at $250, that's still pretty steep.  There are plenty of places within Toronto to get photos done without a permit.  We ended up having ours done around King Street and St. Lawrence Market and had a similar look.  So we were pretty happy. 
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    A lot of photographers can get away with doing an engagement shoot there at no cost!  

    if they dont get stopped...
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    LittlinLittlin member
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    It's $230.  If you are getting married in the Distillery, it is included.  My brother-in-law is getting married there next summer!
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