Bridal shower games?

Hey Girls,
My MOH is stuck for games for my party, so I told her I would ask my trusty experts for suggestions (that's all of you, of course :)

Any that you have seen, suggest, or would never do again?

Re: Bridal shower games?

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    I did a gift bingo game at my sisters shower. Each person gets a blank bingo card and they have to fill each square in with different gifts that they think the bride will get. As the bride opens that gift they cross off that gift...the first one to get bingo (a line of 5 gifts) wins! Obviously they just have to set up their card before gift opening begins. Everyone loved it and it made gift opening a little more interesting!
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    I had my shower 2 weeks ago and my BP did an awesome job!
    One of the games we played was "the purse game", but they did a little spin on it.

    Everyone sat in a circle ready with their purses and I sat in the middle. The host had a bunch of pencils, which they used as points (1 pencil = 1 point).

    To play, they would name a point value, and then what item they need to find in their purse. The first one to run and bring it up to me would get the points/pencils. The one with the most pencils at the end won.

    Some items they asked for: compact, American Express card, bandage, lipgloss, Sephora Beauty Insider card, USB key, a receipt of $50 or more, etc.

    They had some funny items that were worth a lot of points; a picture of me was worth 20 pencils! No one carried a picture of me around in their purse but some got smart - one girl took a photo of me on the spot with her digital camera, and another showed me my Blackberry Messenger profile pic. It was a riot!!
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    This website has good ideas and you can do them up yourself, or you can purchase the games online and print. Some examples are:

    1. Wedding Word Scramble(~20 words), ex: grneirraeb  =  ringbearer
                                                                                       wfsrleo  =  flowers

    2. Famous Couples Match (two columns: gents on one side ladies on the other)

    3. And the Bride Wore... (guests write down what the bride wore to the shower)

    There's this one game that I play at every bridal shower that I don't really care for. It's the game where there are questions about the bride and groom, how they met, the date they got engaged, where they were engaged, the brides bra size, etcetera. For the most part, the only people that can answer the questions are the mothers of the bride and groom-to-be. And a lot of people get upset about it.

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    At my best friends shower we played a game kind of like hot potato. You need a pair of oven mitts, and a prize wrapped over and over.
    Have the guests sit in a circle and turn on some music. The guests pass the gift, and oven mitts around the circle until the music stops ( have someone control the music ) When the music stops they put on the oven mitts and try to open the gift before the music comes back on. When it does, they pass the gift and mitts around again. The person to take the last bit of wrapping wins!
    Another game that I went over great; While the bride is opening her gifts set a timer for a few min. When the timer goes off, the person whose gift the bride is opening wins a prize! Re-set the timer and start all over. Its doesn't have to be a big prize, Chocolate or a small picture frame. This game just adds a little more excitement to the opening of gifts for the guest. Smile
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    These are awesome ideas, girls! Thanks so much! :)
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