Canadians ordering from The Knot wedding shop

Have any of you successfully done it?  I have my shopping cart all ready to go, with a US shipping address (to a friend's place) and realize now that I have to input a US credit card with a US billing address too.  That sucks.

I might call their 1-800 number to see what they can do but I don't have high hopes.

Has anyone successully purchased stuff from their shop from Canada?  If so, how did you do it?

Re: Canadians ordering from The Knot wedding shop

  • LittlinLittlin member
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    I think they only ship to the states!
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    I tried, they only ship to the states, we put our order through with our credit card, but they denied it and cancelled the order. :(
  • MrsBMMrsBM member
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    Maybe ask your friend (who you are having it shipped to) to pay for it, and then you can pay them back (money transfer or paypal etc)

    That is what I did :)
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    I ended up having to go with an American site, as much as I tried to find the things I wanted locally,
    They have a lot of items, and even though I had to pay shipping, at least they were willing to ship to Canada had really good prices.
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    ive had stuff shipped to my aunts place in NY and used my canadian visa three times now, never had an issue. i put her address as the shipping and billing address with my card number and its worked so far
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