Vista Print Invites?

I have been searching forever to find cheap invitations and vista print looks like the winner.
I am wondering if any of you ladies have used vista print for your invitations?  .
How did they turn out?
What paper would you suggested? matte finish? premium 100 lb white matte stock?

Any info. you have would be a great help!

Re: Vista Print Invites?

  • StephieBowStephieBow member
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    I know a lot of the brides on our August 2011 board have used them and have been really happy with the results.
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  • LittlinLittlin member
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    I didn't do invites, but I did save-the-date magnets with VistaPrint and they turned out great!
  • mattycammattycam member
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    A lot of brides on March 2011 have used vista print as well and are very happy with their purchases! I have not heard anything bad about the company.
  • ladybugmikkiladybugmikki member
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    I have used vistaprint for business cards, address labels and flyers. If you sign up for their emails they often send out promotions and you can get excellent deals.

    I just ordered my save-the-dates as postcards and got 100 free but had to pay for shipping, which is about $15...  i'm not sure if they can go out without an envelope so i also ordered those for $5... so i spent about $20 for 100.

    i used this code...

    not sure if there is a limit but perhaps you could create different accounts with  different email addresses. I also found the code in a martha steward magazine for 20% off
  • leanner10leanner10 member
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    Thanks so much for the info. you have been a lot of help!
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    Hey, I looked at Vista Print, but it seemd hard to co-ordinate. There didnt seem to be matching invites/rsvp/etc. Seemed overly complicated to me. I found a website that does really great ones that I think we're going to go with - and there's a line called DIY? you just choose the design, and then you can change the wording, font, and colours, and theyre only $3 a piece...
    just an idea to check out!
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    I had custom savethedate post cards made with Vista Print. They came out great. They also have a bridal sample kit that they will send you for free so you can see some deisgns and materials. I'll see if I can find the link, but you should find it in thier wedding section. I think mine came in two weeks.

    Micheals craft store carries invites that are SUPER cheap, but still look classy. Depends on your colours and but you might be able to find something there :D
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    Here's a 50% off coupon for vistaprint, I saved over $300 on all my invites and envelopes! The website says it's good until March 31, 2011.

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