The PERFECT online e-vites!!!!

After the stress of trying to work with a graphic artist for our invitations - we decided to scrap paper all together and go with online evites since we worked so hard on our website (hours upon hours to our perfect site!).

Unfortunately doesnt allow you to send actual invitations the way they do "save teh dates" and because we also used this feature we wanted to keep with the color scheme of our wedding website (and colors) and they reccommend

I personally HATE this website as its too cookie cutter and doesnt allow you to choose your own colors, add pictures, etc. so I went searching on the internet and found this AMAZING website:

I actually made my own invites from scratch and because my wedding requires less then 75 invites, it was FREE! I know I sound like an add for this site but seriously is so great! I am computer savy so I found it very easy to use and my guests can RSVP and I can see if they have received it/looked at it or not. Also links to facebook, twitter and text if you REALLY want it to!

I know a lot of people think e-vites are "rude" or "improper" but they are the way of the future, they are cheaper, and they are considered "Green" which is the theme we are focusing on....

So if any of you brides out there were thinking of doing E-VITES - purpletrail is amazing!!!

Re: The PERFECT online e-vites!!!!

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    We have already sent out day invites (which we made ourselves) & time has crept up on us for the evening invites so thank you for the heads up. I will definitely have a look at this quick and efficient way of inviting our guests.

    As for those brides that think evites are "rude" or "improper", i'm pro evite.
    It shows cost saving savy - every bride wants their day to be abit different and lets face it, this is a great place to start!
    I'm a firm believer in what my mother taught me "if you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all" - thats all i have to say to the haters , lets face it Weddings cost way too much anyway.
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