Wedding dress shopping in Barrie - reviews?

Hi ladies,

I plan on heading to Barrie in January to go wedding dress shopping as my sisters both live in that area. There are a couple of stores that I've found online
- Hilltop Bridal
- Best for Brides

Does anyone know of other bridal stores in Barrie or know of anyone who's been to these 2 stores??

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Re: Wedding dress shopping in Barrie - reviews?

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    I got mine at Best for Bride - and my bridesmaid dresses!
    They have by far the biggest selection
    If you're wanting to shop around make sure you got to Helen's which is downtown on Dunlop Street. Also, there's the bridal wreath on Bayfield Street.
    Happy shopping

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    Thank you!!!! Good to know that got yours at Best for Brides because that will most likely be our first stop!

    Did you have to make an appointment ahead of time or just walk-in?
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    You can just walk in - they were really great when I went there. There's tons of selection and the dresses are much cheaper than stores in Toronto. You can also get a discount (I think 10%) for paying cash. 
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    Go to Helen's Bridal, they are amazing! My best experience dress shopping - and I did get offered 10% off - I ended up getting my dress at elizabeth's in London, ON as I was down visiting my bro and they offered me 20% off! Happy shopping!
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