Quote from florist - what do you think?

This is the quote I recevied from the florist through the hall.  I am using mostly roses and hydrengas and flowers in season.
Bridal bouquet: $150 (Vandella roses, Blue dendrobium orchids, green hypericum berries)
Bridesmaids bouquet: $60 (Vadella roses, blue delphinium)
Grooom boutonniere: $10 (Vandella rose,Italian Ruskuss, gold accent, black pearl)
Groomsmen boutonnieres: $7 (Vandella rose, variegated pit,black pearl)
Mother corsage: $20 (2 vandella roses, green hypericum, bow)
Grandmother corsage: $15 (1 vandella roses, green hypericum, bow)
Centerpieces: $60 (17 inches in diamter: 6 white hydrangeas, 6 vandella roses, green hypericum, beargrass loops all on silver candelabras which are provided by the hall)
Head table flowers: $150 (white, 3 feet long)
Flower girl pomander: $30 (this seems very high to me, considering that they are silk flowers and about 7 inches in diameter, can I can get them cheaper somewhere else?)

Do you think anything is way over priced? Or are these fair prices?  I am going to another place soon but just wanted to see how these prices compare.

Re: Quote from florist - what do you think?

  • mattycammattycam member
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    I would definately do some price comparisons to make sure you are getting the best deal. Considering the kind of flowers that are being used, it might work out to be reasonable.
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    Try "Hillcrest Florists" - they are located in hillcrest mall. thats who i used for my wedding - great pricing and did an outstanding job. All night people were complimenting my centerpieces and bouqets!
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  • LittlinLittlin member
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    Those prices are very similar to what I had - I'm sure you could get better prices if you shop around, but those are all reasonable prices for the flowers you are getting!
  • unplainjaneunplainjane member
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    mother's cosage, centerpieces, head table flowers and flower girl pomander seem high to me. i think the other pricing is fair. i think she can work with you if you want to spend less. she would just have to make simplier arrangements with fewer or cheapers flowers. i would tell her that the quote is over your budget and tell her what budget you had in mind and if she can work with that. for my florist i gave her my budget along with my list and she said she was able to work with it.
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    we went into the consulation really not knowing how much flowers cost.  The quote came out to be almost $2000 over our budget (we did budget very very low). 

    She did give us 14% off which came to a savings of about $500.  I might ask to gave the center pieces a bit smaller.  I made a circle that is 17 inches in diameter and its huge! So i can def trim from that
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