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Married!! (PIP)

Hi Ladies!

My wedding was wonderful!  The ceremony was absolutely perfect.  I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.  The priest was so wonderful.  I really, really loved the ceremony.

The only thing that really went wrong was that H stepped on my dress right at the beginning of the reception and a couple of the pickups ripped out.  But nobody noticed. Haha.  I guess some other things went wrong too; my mom was rather livid with the caterer and called to complain about it today, but I was completely oblivous.  I was on cloud 9. :D

Here's a few pictures that I took from people's facebook:

My dad walking me down the aisle:

Me just gettng at the end of the aisle, before the WP sat down in the pews.  The priest was gently reminding me to get rid of the bouquet. LOL

Me and H at the beginning of the ceremony:


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