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I am creating them myself and it is not as easy as anticipated!! What all really needs to be included? Does anyone have any guidelines or examples? Thanks!

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    akg0053akg0053 member
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    Take a look at your guest list and decide how detailed you want your programs.

    For example, I'm making mine very, very detailed due to the fact that about 75% percent of our guest list aren't Catholic, and of those most have never even stepped foot into a Catholic church and some aren't religious at all.

    Mine have a page about the attendants, etc. then I just basically explain the Mass as far as the readings go, the songs, etc. It's your choice as to whether or not you want to include full texts. I am because I have elderly grandparents that cannot hear, so they will want to read along. 
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    catarntinacatarntina member
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    edited December 2011 has great templates to use for ceremony inside or outside of Mass.

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    mica178mica178 member
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    You can be as detailed as you like.  If you have a lot of non-Catholics in attendance, it's better to be more detailed.

    Bear in mind that your church will likely request to view your program before you print it, so see if they have a template they like to use as it'll make things easier for you.

    If you'd like, I can PM you a copy of my program.  It has personal detail stuff on it, so I'd prefer not to post it all here.
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    Ditto pp's. Especially what mica178 said about your priest needing to review them. Ours did that.

    Here is a brief outline of what we put in ours (we had full mass):

    front page - names, date, church name

    page 1 - The Nuptial Mass and then we listed all of the songs for the various entrances, readings, responsorial psalms, etc

    page 2 - The Liturgy of the Eucharist (included things like Communion Rite, Sign of Peace, Lamb of God, etc

    page 3 - Ministers of the Liturgy we listed the priest, deacon, cantor, altar servers, etc

    page 4 - The Wedding Party, I think this one is self explanatory

    page 5 - We did a little In Loving Memory blurb as well as To Our Guests where we thanked them for attending and looked forward to meeting them at the reception

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    clearheavensclearheavens member
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    I also agree with pp, the program should be as detailed as you need it to be depending on your guests.  I would definitely include responses, whether most guests are Catholic or not, as well as the hymns that you would want your guests to sing along to.

    If you want to explain traditions, that could be helpful.  For example, you could write for the Veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

    "As Catholics, the bride and groom look to Mary as the perfect example of a wife and mother, and to the Holy Family as model they hope to emulate in their life together.  For this reason, they will present a bouquet of flowers to the Blessed Virgin as they pray that her example will guide their family on God's path for them."

    The trick is to have a perfect balance so that they are not buried in their programs the entire time but they can still understand what's going on.

    Here's some helpful links:

    Here's a list of popular hymns, not free, but a nominal fee:
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