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Hi Ladies,

Fi and I wanted to complete our pre-cana in the Engaged Encounted weekend. When we registered our date with the monsignor, he gave us a booklet, but the dates in the booklet are only for 2009. We asked him for a new booklet, and he said that there is a website where we can register. We checked which is the main website listed in the booklet, but we cannot find the EE weekend registration. Do you know what site we can go to to register?

Thank you

Re: Engaged Encounter Weekend - registration website

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    I couldn't go to a website at all. I had to call a lady who was in charge of it for my specific diocese. Perhaps you could look at your diocese's website?  Otherwise, I'd ask the priest. 
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    Hello! The website to register is From there, you will look on the left hand side of the page under 'Communities' and then find the state you are in and then select 'see dates' and/or 'visit webiste' if the particular area you are looking at has one.  Fyi - be prepared to fork out some bucks for this. My fiance and I just registered and it was $275, I have seen some as high as $315, but I guess there isn't really much difference. Hope this helps and gets you on your way!
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    That works.Thank you. Yes, I was prepared to pay some $370 for a couple. We figured that it's ok considering this will pay for accommodations and food. The only other schedule that worked for us was once a week in the evenings, but our monsignor said that he doesn't recommend that, and it would cost us $150 over seven weeks in just tolls. 

    Thank you, again.
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