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Priest in Program Question

We're in the process of printing our programs, and I had a question about how to correctly put our priest's name in it. He goes by Rev. John Lastname, S.J. Do I spell out Reverend? I just want to make sure I put it in correctly. Thanks ladies!

Re: Priest in Program Question

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    When we did ours, we did not spell out Reverend. We just went with Rev. Firstname Lastname. Our music director and priest looked over our programs and said it was fine. I orignially just had Fr. first last and the music director pointed out that it should have Rev. in front.
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    Hi. I usually post on the Pittsburgh board, but lurk here at times :) Our cantor made our programs (we edited them to make them pretty).  He put Reverend XY, and I would tend to believe that whatever he put in our program is how it is "supposed" to be because he is very particular and is the director of liturgical services at the university where we'll be married. HTH :)
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