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Has anyone booked or looked into them?  FI and I got the information packet from them, without prices, and loved it.  When we saw them at the bridal show, we got all the information, and the prices.  Paying 6000 just to rent the room without anything else is a big out of our price range.  Did anyone get a good deal there?  I am not going to book a viewing of the property just to get my hopes up.  TIA :-)

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    I looked at it three times and still couldn't bring myself to pay 6000! As far as I know they don't have deals the price is cut in half if you have it on a Friday or a Sunday. From what I remember the tables and chairs come with the rental price though. They have 4 places to offer and I loved the one and it would have been perfect but it is really expensive lol. Good luck
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    My sister-in-law got married there and she didn't get any deal.  I looked into just having our ceremony there and I think they were going to charge us 3K for a non water spot.  It's beautiful but not in my budget.  Good luck! Did you check out Heritage Hills?
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    I have driven by it a million times, but I haven't seen their inside no, I wonder if anyone has used it that has pictures from their reception. 
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    Just a warning - I've heard horror story after horror story about weddings held at Lauxmont. You might want to check them out a bit more. For example, they have an F with the BBB. Good luck!
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    Hey I don't know that Lauxmont Farms has but I know of a great place to hold a reception and it is all inclusive. You get the building (barn) catering, DJ all for one price and it is less than what you were quoted. It is in Lancaster, PA. . Hope this helps....

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    My friend had her wedding at Lauxmont.  It is gorgeous, but probably not worth the cost.  It is cheaper on Fridays which was when she did it.  Her biggest nightmare was the rentals and trash.  Since she rented all her china/linens we had to spend a long time after the reception packaging that up to return to the rental place.  If you need to get rentals somewhere I'd suggest delivery.  Also, since there is no dumpster there, she had to take out ALL her trash with her-and that was a lot!  Either make sure your caterer will do it or be prepared!  My FI and I are going with Pheasant Run B&B.  Prettty spot similar to Lauxmont, but not as big.  We also have to rent chairs and tables there, but the cost is way better.  Also, my word of warning about Country Barn.  We LOVED it.  The barn is gorgeous and having our ceremony at the B&B seemed nice, but the ceremony fee was $2500!!!  That was in addition to the 5K reception room.  So if you are just doing a reception we thought it was reasonable, but not to add a wedding.  My other suggestions for that type of atmosphere is Rockford Plantation and Landis Valley.  Liked them both.
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    Those are all so very helpful!  Thank you for all of your advice.  We have booked a tour at Lauxmont (though I'd pretty much already ruled it out based on the price) and at Stone Mill Inn.  I am waiting to hear back from Moondancer Winery about a tour.  Since we aren't in the area right now, it's really difficult to see places.  Thank you for your suggestions, I will absolutely check them out.  We are getting married in York but are willing to travel a little for the reception. :-)
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    I had my wedding at the Rotunda at Lauxmont Farms on a Sunday and felt it was a good deal after looking at a lot of places-Stone Mill, Moon Dancer, Cameron Estates, Conestoga, etc.  Our caterer took care of all the linens/china/etc.  He also removed all trash except for the centerpieces that were still up at the end.  If you want to see pics or have any questions let me know-personally I had a great experience!
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    Wow that is awesome your caterer did all of that, who did you get to cater? Im using lauxmont farms, but have not found a caterer yet, thanks!!
  • We had our wedding in March and it was everything I've always dreamed of. They are prompt, friendly and professional! It is an incredible location for a wedding if you want amazing food, beauty and impeccable service. Lauxmont was very flexible with our various requests and made it their goal to please. I completely recommend any of their four beautiful venues for any couple trying to have that perfect wedding day!
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