An overdue post!

I almost need an reintroduction after my extended hiatus!  Sorry for my prolonged absence! (Just as a refresher, I'm getting married July 10th in Pittsburgh, but I live here in Central PA with my fiancee. 

I was posting for a while, and then I pretty much fell off the face of the earth.  Here's what's happened recently:

1. A botched meeting with FI's and my parents.  We went all the way home to Pittsburgh to introduce them (where future MIL basically gave my parents the impression that she doesn't really think that highly of me).

2. "Buckle-down" time at work: end of quarter grades due, which meant last-minute project grading!

3.  Menu tasting (excellent!)

4.  A couple of scares about 8.5 months out...  Once I woke up from my scare-slump, I had lots of traveling to to--but I got lots of stuff done!  The less I have to do once school's out, the better! :)

There's more, sure--but these are the big things that have kept me away from the board! 

Hope the GTG was a blast!  I'd love to go to the next one!  The first one I went to was so much fun!


Re: An overdue post!

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    Welcome back!  We missed you at the GTG :)  I think the GTG went good,  I had a good time.  That sucks about your MIL.  I hope things get better for you on that note. 
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    I missed you! Although, I've been somewhat stalking you on FB. I hope that the wrinkles are ironed out and you can move forward from all of this. 

    You future in-laws seem awful! I think you're awesome and can't imagine anyone thinking otherwise. We really did miss you at the GTG. 
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    :)  I'm not sure that things will smooth over--differences of opinion and lifestyle (and the fact that I have a bit of a short fuse when I feel like i'm being attacked) keep us from truly seeing eye to eye.  I've worked really hard over the last few years to reach out to her: I've gone shopping with her, and listened to her talk about things that bother her, and tried to give her advice, and complimented her when she's feeling insecure about things.  My fiancee and I even took her to the beach when her husband wouldn't.  We've done a  ton of stuff to show her that we  care about her, but there's never a thankful or postive response (and trust me, this is only the beginning of the story!)

    At this point, I've pretty much given up that hope that we'll ever be close or have a relationship, because for a while, when I was trying, she shot me down every time and I just felt terrible afterwards.  I sort of compare it to that guy who never really wanted to be with you, but has no one better to date--you can't keep trying and getting semi-rejected forever.  It does weird things to your psyche and self-esteem.  I'm far too proud and amazing a person to let someone make me feel bad (or at least that's what I keep telling myself...stay strong!)

    Phew--so sorry!  When I start, the feelings come out like an avalanche!  On another note--KHart, I've been stalking you too!  I love your pics of Tiffany!  They look amazing--I hope you'll take some for me in 9 months!  :) 

    Shell--how are your wedding plans coming?  I'll have to post more about mine soon--we did our wedding tasting and I found my aisle decorations (though some special touches still need to be made!)

    Hope all is well!

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