getting married after basic training-army

My fiance leaves for basic training (BCT) in january for the Army and once he is done with BCT and AIT he comes back here to illinois for 2 weeks  within that 2 weeks we are getting married on June 4th. I was just wondering if there were any "brides to be" that have already gone through this process and how the process of moving from their home town to on base was, as in how easy or complicated it was? Or if anybody ran into any problems with whatever paperwork i'll have to show them to prove we are legally married. Any advice is welcome Smile

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    Hi!  I married a guy that is in the Army, now he had been in before we got married but I know that I wished there was someone to help me with the "paperwork."  We got married only a few weeks before he deployed for a year.  There is a lot to know, and to be honest with him still going through all the stuff himself, I'm sure he doesn't have all the answers.  

    To get your army id card you will need a few things, it's been a couple of years since we did this but this is what I remember.  You will need your marriage certificate, your Social security card, and I think an ID.  The program that he will need to get you enrolled in is called DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System).

    Let me know what questions you still have...I would be happy to help!
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