wedding flowers help!

So with my budget already almost fully committed I am stuck on my centerpieces and flowers for the wedding... I was thinking of ordering flowers from an online vendor (or from a sam;s club) and doing it myself but I am not the most artsy person! So, any recommendations on a cheap florist - or someone who can help me with diy flowers or centerpieces...

Also, do ppl rent vases and if so where would i get those?


Re: wedding flowers help!

  • I have yet to meet a cheap florist -- I'm trying to fit bouquets, bouts and corsages into a $500 budget and even with simple flowers it's not happening so I'm DIY-ing through Costco.

    If you keep it simple, you don't have to be artsy to make a nice bouquet or centerpiece. Are you firm on flowers for centerpieces? We're doing vases filled with teal-colored water and a floating candle and having tiny vases with sprigs of flowers. I was just checking out rental vase prices and for simple square or round you're still looking at $2-$4/piece. You can buy with 50% off coupons at Michaels, etc. or hit yard sales and collect for much cheaper. Our garage is filled with vases right now :)

    I think you're the one planning from afar, so I'm assuming you might need something less time-consuming??

    When is your wedding??
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  • I second Floral Designs by Heather Ann
  • Please check into Petals with Style. Stacia is incredibly talented, well known locally, and willing to work with any budget!
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  • thanks for all the great suggestions ladies. i contacted petals with style and floral designs by heather ann. waiting to hear back. Karen is not available unfortunately.
  • You might want to try Weddings and Blooms in Mechanicsburg (  I didn't have a huge flower budget, but Leah really worked with me to get exactly what I wanted.  I am really happy with the price!  Let us know how it turns out!
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