Flower Warehouse in Blue Ball, PA

A friend of mine told me to check this place out for flowers:

The place looks huge, is it worth it? Are the prices better than say ACMoore or Michaels?

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Re: Flower Warehouse in Blue Ball, PA

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    I think its hit or miss. I've never been but my MOH went to check it out for her wedding and didn't find anything she liked or that was significantly cheaper. I think you get better prices if you are a retailer than a person from the general public.
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    I like it! I got all my flowers for my bouquets there they have a nice selection of scrapbooking stuff too
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    Definitely worth it!  We got TONS of stuff for our wedding there!
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    It IS enormous - I've never seen anything like the selection. Haven't priced the silk flowers, but the other stuff they sell is very reasonable. They have a bunch of unity candles, all kinds of crafts stuff, vases, candles, etc.
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    I went there and bought nothing. I felt like it was a waste of my time. Maybe you will do better then I did.
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    Personally I love the place...although they made a BIG mistake when they closed the bridal boutique!  The little bridal section they have now doesn't compare.

    They have probably the biggest selection of silk florals anywhere, but can't say that prices are any better. Some are; some aren't.  And they have lots of centerpiece containers!  I guess it all depends on what you are looking for.

    There is another place similar to Flower & Craft Warehouse over near Manheim, but it's geared more towards primitive/country..and they are a bit smaller.  What's the name????  Basket Warehouse? Sorry, can't be sure.

    At any rate- a trip to Blue Ball is certainly worth the trip in my book!  :)
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    I've also gone with my MOH (after a florist recommended it!!) and found NOTHING!  I felt like the selection on the day I went was terrible, nothing looked real like the florist said, but it was my experience.  They may switch things up, but I think it was a waste of time for me.
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