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Have any brides out there used Frank King as their photographer?  He seems to offer great packages in terms of prices...but am unsure of the quality of the service/photos.  Let me know if anbody has worked with these guys and if you have any good/bad reviews.  Thanks!!

PS.  I checked into Solas, but they are booked for my weekend :(

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    I almost went with Frank King, but I noticed that while his packages are reasonably priced, there are some key things that aren't included. He doesn't include retouching (black and white, etc.), and he doesn't give you rights to the photos, so all reprints have to be ordered through him which could get costly if you fall in love with a lot of proofs. Those two things were high on my priority list so I did some more research and switched to M. Reed Photography. She is based out of Marietta, PA, and has very similar prices ($800 for 4 hrs/$1200 full day), but retouches and gives you a DVD with all photos on to do what you want with. This seemed the better value because reprints of pictures are very affordable.

    From my research, it seems like Frank King Photography is more studio and portrait shooting (they're the contracted photographer for a lot of HS senior photos) than photojournalistic style, which is what i'm looking for in my pictures; but he's been in business forever and has great reviews, so I think it all depends on what you're looking for and what your priorities are with your wedding pictures.
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  • He did my Senior photo for the yearbook (15 years ago....gulp).  I used another photog for my personal Senior pictures.  Our personalities really clashed during my session.  His work is nice, but you might want to meet with him to make sure you work well together.

    As others have mentioned, he does a lot of portrait work, so if photojournalism is your thing, he might not be your cup of tea.  If not, he does lovely more traditional work.

    Best of luck!
  • If you're looking for someone similar to Solas and price wise, try Chris Hayes Photography. He is my wedding photographer and did my engagement pictures. He's wonderful.

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  • Thanks for all the feedback... It's definitely helpful, because we are definitely wanting more of a photojournalistic style.  Unfortunately, Chris Hayes is booked my date (9/29/12) as well.  I'll keep looking :)
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    I would not recommend going with Frank King. He did the photography for our wedding, and we are not very pleased. Frank had actually done our engagement session, and we loved the pictures and he told us he would be shooting at our wedding. A week prior however, he told me someone else would be doing our wedding that we had never met before and this really showed in our photographs. Its a huge disappointment. If you do decide to go with him though, make sure your contract states the person who will actually be doing your wedding photos. Dont want anyone else to have our experience!
  • If you like Solas, I suggest checking out Courtney Anton Photography.  I find their styles similar and she is really nice to work with as well.

  • I have also had a bad experience with Frank in the past.  I had headshots done and they were awful.  The photographer he assigned to me did not do touch ups or even adjust the lighting. 

    We are using MattnNat for our wedding.  They did absolutely amazing engagement photos for us and they also give you the rights and a CD with all photos.  Plus, they are just really amazing people in general!
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    I'm using Artistic Difference out of York/Springettsbury Location.  They have one person shoot in color and another person shoot in B&W.  I'm excited for our engagement pictures and they have SO many samples and books in their studio and it was exactly what I was looking for.  And so far they answer all of my emails, get back to me immediately and have been great.

    On the other hand, my friend used Frank King for her wedding and he rushed everything and didn't even get half of the shots she wanted.  I just totally got bad vibes.
  • You may want to look at Robin Bakes Photography, you can find her through website or facebook. She's AMAZING - her personality is fantastic, her photography is excellent, and her prices are totally within a normal range. I am hiring her after meeting with over a dozen people (including King) and I could not be happier!
  • My MOH used Frank King. We were both pleased with the results and really liked the photographer (I think his name was Link). But yes, you do have to buy all the proofs through him.
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