Couple NIGHTMARE in Las Vegas Griffin Mansion

Dear Brides,
My name is Lorena Smoakes and ONE OF many Brides who was duped over $8,OOO.00 in wedding venue payments to Griffin Mansion, about $2,000 in airfare for a food tasting that never happen, and $1,500 in a wedding dress that I will probably never wear because Griffin Events Inc STOLED one my childhood dream to become a bride. I entered contract with griffin events Oct. 3 2011, to have a wedding Oct 8th 2012 on my birthday, paid all my payments on time, did everything they asked me to do only to be totally disappointed.  On Mother’s day 5/13/12,  I was scheduled to have a food tasting at Griffin Mansion with my 2 Children, my husband, and  my in laws only to be called half an hour prior to food tasting appt. And be told that the food tasting will not occur because the chief fell sick, my heart skipped a beat, my hand and feet, were immediately cold, and my head started spinning. Mrs. Velez, I live in New York City, my two children are Autistic and a portion of the money used to pay griffin mansion was my retirement money. I begged and pleated with griffin mansion to make this right and they have never called me or offer any realistic compensation for their staffing error. On the contrary griffin mansion made it seems as if I was in the wrong for deciding to cancel my wedding after unanswered email or phone calls, to date I have not received a phone call from Griffin Mansion. Please help me expose this venue and stop them for doing this any other Bride. My whole family is distraught, I am inconsolable. How can a human bean wake in the morning do such a thing? Please assist me in helping other brides find closure in know that this company and these people will no longer do this to anyone.  I have tons of email/correspondence from griffin events that may be able to assist in the prosecution in this fraud and the people behind this. Pls feel free to contact me for full detail @

If you are a BRIDE or GROOM that has been DUPED by Griffin Mansion in Las Vegas, please contact Wendy Krowland @  There are some steps all brides and groom duped by Griffin Mansion are taking in effort to hold them accountable.  PLEASE ACT FAST AND CONTACT WENDY ASAP.Lorena,
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