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Publix Wedding Cakes?

Has anyone used publix bakery for their cake?  I am having a destination wedding on Anna Maria Island, and I was curious how Publix wedding cakes look / taste?  I am having a small wedding and I woiuld like to keep the cost down.  However, I don't want to sacrifice the taste or beauty of my cake.  Thanks!

Re: Publix Wedding Cakes?

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    I had a tasting at Publix and the cakes are always good.  I would make sure you go to one of their specialty bakeries when ordering cake there.  They are specially trained in wedding cakes, instead of the local stores.

    They are a bit more pricey than I would have thought, but not too bad.

    The only reason why I didn't go with them is because I also wanted a Grooms cake and it was a copyrighted item and they can't do it.  So I went with a Custom Baker who would do both.

    Hope that helps!
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    My first wedding I had Publix do my cake. It tasted good and looked beautiful. I thought it was a bit on the expensive side for being a Publix cake, but it turned out well.
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    I'm getting my top cake from Publix (we are doing cupcakes from a specialty bakery so I just needed a tiny cake topper one).  We are also getting married on AMI, and like ChrislovesBarry said, I went to one of the speciality Publix stores-- not the one on the island!  Specifically the one on Manatee Ave and 75th Street.  My mom went and met the baker there-- she's apparently been baking and decorating cakes for 15+ years or somethng.  I can't remember her name- but if you go to that specific Publix I'm sure you will meet her if you ask!  I would go that route if you are going to do Publix!  I'm sure it will be fine and it's definitely a financial saver!
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    Thanks so much for the help!!  :)
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    I got ym grooms cake from Publix and it was awesome!
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    I read on here from a bride's feedback that the Publix cake was awesome, but it wasn't decorated that great.  Talk to the bakery about this if you order from them.
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    They had great tasting cakes but it is expensive. We have our cake included in our package but they sent me a quote for 587 for a fondant cake which i thought was extreme!
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  • Kristin789Kristin789 member
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    Yes!  And it was great tasting and beautiful.

    When I needed to get a cake ordered, I asked this guy at work who had gotten married about a year earlier.  He said that his FI had suggested Publix, but he thought she was crazy ordering a cake from a grocery store instead of a bakery.  But she did it, and the cake was fabulous.  They had just had their 1-year anni and ate the top layer that had been frozen - and he said it was just as fabulous as on their wedding day.

    So I ordered our cake from Publix, and FI picked it up on the way to the venue so we didn't pay any delivery charge (they pack the cake the same way for transport, whether they deliver it or you pick it up), and it was terrific on the wedding day and at our 1-year anni also!
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    I think the Publix on University is a specialty one too. I am pretty sure that is the one we got our cake from. Yummy! (You can go for a tasting first!)
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  • Angie.LapkovAngie.Lapkov member
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    We're thinking about getting Publix cake as well, and everything i've heard about Publix has always been good.
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    We are using Publix for our cake and the tasting was amazing! We are doing a marble cake with cannoli and chocolate chip filling and a mixture of buttercream and cream cheese icing...yum!!! I also recommend going to  specialty Publix store...the one on Gunn Highway, right across from Sickles High School has the event planning.
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    I know that I am late to this post, but I want to second Publix cakes! I am using them for my March wedding. We are doing a 3 tier wedding cake and then a funfetti grooms cake. Yes, they are actually making a funfetti from the box cake! I'm so excited :) GL
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    Great reviews.  I will go with Publix!! =)

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