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Weve been scouting venues from St. Pete down to Siesta Key and we really liked the Postcard Inn. I was quite taken aback though when they said the food and beverage minimum for the garden was $15,000. That seems incredibly high to me for that venue. Can anyone give me insight on F&B minimums for other venues so I can compare? I've heard the Don Cesar is around the same cost which sounds crazy to me. Thanks!

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  • Wow! I don't remember what out minimum was, but it wasn't that much or even close. 
  • How many guests?
  • That wa their flat rate. And it's $10,000 for the upstairs room. But we are planning on 100-125 guests.
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    I know it seems crazy expensive, but it actually probably not that high -- at 125 guests, that's only $120 per head on the $15k minimum and $80 per head on the $10k minimum.  With the types of menu packages that hotels usually offer, it would not be difficult at all to get up to $120 per head between food and booze.

    (Edited to clarify that I totally agree that $15k is a ton a money for F&B!  Just making the point that unfortunately numbers that high aren't uncommon for the beach hotels.)   

  • I don't know -- I would run the other way at a number like that. If you love the venue, however, and you don't have to sacrifice other things you want to get the venue, then go for it. We paid for everything ourselves, so the Tradewinds seemed like a better bet for us.
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  • That seems really high to me, but not uncommon. Are you getting married at a peak time and on a Saturday? That may be 1 reason. Our minimum wasn't that much at the Rusty Pelican, but we got married on a Sunday to cut cost.

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  • I think when I looked at the Rusty Pelican it was around $11-12,000 for a Saturday night in October. Our venue is $8,500 minimum.

    $15,000 seems really high to me, too.
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  • Where are you getting marry at petalpockets????
  • I'm getting married at The Grand Hyatt and our minimum is 15k....we are having 110 guests and are easily meeting that minimum. Hotels are more expensive and you probably will have no problem meeting the minimum. Another thing to remember if it's getting close, have your rehearsal dinner there as well and see if they will do a combined total towards the 15k.
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  • I am getting married at the Sirata on a Saturday night and the minimum is $10,500.00.  We are planning on about 100 ppl, so we should be fine.
  • We loved the Postcard Inn as well, but yeah, as soon as she said 10k min for inside I ran. And that is pre-21% gratuity and 7% tax. So really, it's really a $13k min. The feel of the place is definitely different, but if you looked around, the place is a little run down. Tape everywhere, rust stains, and ac units sticking out of walls is not worth that type of money. The Hyatt has a $10k min, for heaven's sake and is in much better shape. Basically, I called everywhere and if they have a min, I hang up. It's a rough economy and there is no reason to plan the best day of your life with people that can't negotiate.
  • I totally agree, I was shocked to see that for a Saturday wedding at Sandbar Restaurant that I would have to have a $7,000 F&B minimum...That is all of our $8,000 dollar budget...

    So, I'm open to any ideas on locations for ceremony & reception sites (preferrably together) that would meet this budget.

    Thanks in advance!
  • We're doing the Gulfport Casino Ballroom for 2000.....6 hours, and a combination bar, for an additional 2000, haven't booked a caterer yet but you can have your ceremony there as they have a stage and/or beach.....
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