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Vendor Reviews - WARNING LONG

*let me preface this by saying that we had our wedding at a private residence so we needed different things than someplace that is all inclusive.  If you are holding a wedding at someplace similar i highly recomend a DOC.  I don't know what I would have done without mine.  Also, there are SO many things i did not consider when planning at a non-inclusive location so be prepared to incure lots of little extras costs.   I LOVED every second of our day though and would not have done a thing differently ;)

Dress-Loretta's Bridal, Bonita Springs (A+)

I loved my experience at Loretta's.  The boutique is nice and small but has a LARGE assortment of dresses.  They only take one bride at a time and really listened to me about style and budget, PLUS made suggestions.  I ended up picking a dress I wouldn't hav epicked out for myself but fell in LOVE with.  They are pros who have been in the business FOREVER.  karina the owner was SO accomodating and wonderful.  They have a vartiey of dresses by Maggie Sottero, Pronovias, and MANY MORE.  I don't have anything to compare it to though since I haven't been in any place else.  Oh, they also gave me a bottle of champagne to drink when I bought my dress!!!


BM Dresses-ETSY IsadoraClothing Shop-(A)

I wanted something different for my BM's.  I genuinjely wanted them to wear somethign that they felt comofrtable in and they could get a lot of uses out of.  I stumbled upon these dresses after watching an episode of My Fair Wedding.  They are a knock off of the wrap dresses Butter by Nadia.  These run upwards of $300!!!  I found that this shop on etsy makes them and she had LOTS of positive feedback PLUS they had my color.  It was fairly simple to order and the dresses arrived right on time.  She also give discounts when you purchase them all in bulk.  They looked GREAT in pics and all the girls looked originaly since they were able to style them their own way.  I HIGHLY recomend going this route if you have an outdoor wedding as the dresses comine in cotton and are very lightweight.  My only con was that she is SUPER busy and doesn't respond to emails quickly.  You have to have like a 12 week lead time for her to make them.  They also didn't come with instructions so we had to figure out how to wrap them by watching youtube.


Catering-Dinners by Design (A+++++++)

The reason we initially went with Dinners was because Mark the owner had been in the industry for a really long time and we were afriad with the way the economy had been in Naples that small businesses were closing shop quickly.  Mark has lots of experience and comes highly recomended.  We reserved him VERY far in advance and didn't have a whole lot of communication with him unti about 4 months before the wedding.  We had our tasting and it was AWESOME.  The food was spectacular.  In addition, Mark put together our ENTIRE rental agreement with Taylor rentals and organized the entire rental agreement.  He even got our damage fee waived and reduced our costs a TON!  He made me feel so at ease and basically told us that we wouldn't have to worry about a thing the day of and he would take care of everything. Oh, he also organized the cake as well which was awesome too.  His prices are extremely reasonable and the food the day of was AWESOME.  Not only that but his staff were top notch, it was like being in a 5 start restuarant!!


Rentals-Taylor Rental (B-)

We didn't have too much interaction with Taylor until we arrived in Fl.  The rentals themselves were fabulous, everything looked great and we had all that we needed.  I graded them down because they delivered the items a whole day earlier than expected and were SUPER rude about it.  We weren't prepared for them to come and set up the tent that day so my stepdad had to stop working and come and mow the lawn so they could set up.  Not only that but they kept tryin gto add items to our rental agreement to up the cost.  Since we had a wedding at home we needed to rent everything and the agreement was already rather signifigant, I thought it was a little harsh of them to try to get more out of us, but I guess that is how it is.  They have everyhting you could ever need or want to rent though and they are apparently the best. 


Day of Coordinator-Courtney Elson @ My Dream Weaver Event (A++++++++++)

I started freaking out about coordination around July.  It was keeping me up at night so I started looking at day of coordinators.  Courtney was quick to reply, loved her website, and the price was right.  We met in September and reviewed what we wanted.  I started really coordinating with her the week of.  When she arrived on Saturday she was SUCH a huge help.  She did EVERYTHING.  She was the traffic director, choreographer, gopher, and all around fantastic help.  She made everything run smoothly and EVERYONE was impressed with her efficiency.  We were so grateful we had Courtney.  She helped with seating guests and getting the DJ up and running.  Our day would not have been as smooth or nice without her.  Her prices are also extremely reasonable and she is very professional.


Cake-Mikkelsens Pastry (A+)

The cake was ordered through the caterer.  Essentially all we had to do was taste test flavors (yum), pick  a design, and say go!  When we first had our tasting though the cake was dry and bland, pretty much awful.  Iwas so concerned but the caterer said that it was probably because their regular baker was out with a foot injury.  The day of we had a beautiful 3 tiered simple cake with strawberry and grand marnier filling.  It was TO DIE FOR!!!!  We ended up cutting into all of it because it was in such demand.


Offician-Pastor Benton Mangueira (AAAAAA+++++++)

Pastor Benton used to be my science teacher in high school.  his kids go to school with my brother now so we are kind of family friends.  When we decided to get married and have a christian but not overly religous ceremony I had a hard time finding someone.  Then my stepdad mentioned Pastor Benton to me.  I inquired and he and his wife agreed.  they counseled us through email, they arranged the PERFECT ceremony and they were amazingly supportive.  It was the most touching and personalized service ever and we were so happy.  I am not sure if he performs other ceremonies outside of his church though.

DJ-Sunset Entertainment, DJ Paul (B-)

Let me preface this by saying that our DJ himself was AWESOME. He followed our playlist perfectly.  He kept the party going and people loved him.  The reason I gave them a lower score is because the first DJ that sunset gave us would not call us back after numerous times of us trying to get in touch with them.  We finally told them we would be taking our services elsewhere if they did not assign us someone else.  It all worked out in the end but it was 6 months of back and forth for awhile.

Flowers-Something Blue Flowers, Carly Dennis (A++++)

carly was a friend of mine in high school and she ha dbeen doing flowers with another company for a long while before starting her own business.  Carly seemed to know exactly what I wanted, she was easy to get in touch with, and the flowers were AMAZING!  Exactly what i wanted!


Portable Restrooms-TM Restrooms (A++++)

My parents decided to rent portable restrooms to ease traffic in the house.  At first I was really turned off by the idea (who wants a blue port a john in their wedding) but my parents assured me it would not be like that.  They got a 3 restrooms trailer (2 ladies rooms, 1 mens) that flushed and had running water.  The trailer itself was discreet and fit in perfectly, the restrooms were clean and LARGE and no smelliness!! They were like luxury bathrooms.  I don't know what the price was as my parents decided to pay for that, but I can't imagine it was too out of the ordinary.

Photographer-Jason Angelini (A+++++++++)

What can you say abotu Jason?  he is amazing.  I knew from the moment we decided to go with him we would get exactly what we wanted.  He took shots that we wouldn't of even thought of and kept things running smooth.  We even finished with pictures early.  He is such a PRO and knows exactly what he is doing.  Not only that he is the kind of guy you actulaly don't mind having around during your wedding bc he is so personable. I love jason and can't wait to see the pics!!


Restaurant-The Fish House, Bonita Springs (C)

We picked the Fish House because it is a tradition Florida type seafood restuarant.  We thought we would give our guests at taste of FL.  It is kind of a hole in the wall, which we loved, but has a back deck that sits right on the bay of Lovers Key.  My IL's coordinated everything once we decided, but they had a really hard time getting into contact with anyone.  They spoke with 5 different people and solidified the event 6 months in advance.  A week before the RD they called to pick menu choices and they had no reservation of the event.  It got worked out but the service the night of was so-so and the food was not as great as it was when we had been there for dinner.

Transportation-Naples Trolley (A+)

Our drive was a 1/2 hour early just to make sure he got their on time.  They let us bring food and beverages on board and we were able to go everywhere we wanted.  It was a nice touch and we were able to get to the beach to see sunset.  It was an amazing way to piece the evening together and pretty affordable.

Groom's Cake-Publix (A+)

Not much to say here except that I still love Publix as always.  They did everything perfectly and Chris loved the cake.  Except the fact that i forgot it on the trolley when we went in to eat and we weren't able to get a piece unti lafter the wedding =)
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