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Need help with Wedding Activity Books please!

I want to make an activity book for the kids at the wedding. There will be a lot and I know how boring weddings can be for children, especially ones that are too shy to dance. I have a general layout with puzzles, coloring pages and draw your own picture pages. I finished one today and I dont really like it... Here is a picture of the front page 
I have three issues with it
1. there are bubbles in the front and back cover bc i glued regular printer paper to construction paper. (first dumb mistake)
2. the coloring pages and puzzles are visible through the printer paper 
3. Kevin thinks there too much ribbon but I had to cover up the staples....

I dont know what to do... Kevin thinks I should just scrap the whole thing but I really want to do something nice for the kids. I know if I went to a wedding when I was younger and I had an activity book made just for me, waiting at my seat, I would feel really special. I know if I changed the paper it would solve 2 of my 3 problems but I dont know what kind to use. Any suggestions? Have any of you ladies made your own activity books? Please help! I want to prove Kevin wrong lol

Re: Need help with Wedding Activity Books please!

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    I'm too lazy, I'd rather just go to the dollar store and buy a few disney coloring books or something. :) and, anyways, it's your wedding... the children's parents should find things to keep their kid entertained... ;)
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    instead of glue, get the elmer's glue tape (comes in a rolly thing like white out).

    You may want to get heavier stock paper for the cover.  And I wouldn't worry about the staplers.
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    elmers glue tape?!? they make that?! lol holly crap that could work 
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    oops hit send before I was done lol Thank you ChrislovesBarry!Smile

    KrystalsKitsch: thats what my FI wants to do and what he said lol almost verbatim lol idk I guess I just want it to be easy on everyone...except me lol I think I'm going to try the glue tape 
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    THe ELmer's stuff is the best.  My mom actually found it...and I've used it on every paper product for the wedding...including the invitations.  If you have trouble finding it...PM me.
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