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Florida-West Coast

Anyone have their wedding at a private beach home?

I have spent hours and hours scouring the internet for different ideas.  We have not chosen a destination for sure yet, but we have honed in on southwest Florida. 

My fiance and I are really casual people.  We'd like a simple ceremony on the beach, and a reception on or very close to the beach.  We're going to skip a lot of the traditions like a bridal party, and probably won't even have a DJ at the reception.  We'll probably do some kind of buffet dinner.  We'd also like to keep costs reasonable, our budget (not including a house that could accommodate some guests) is around $10K-$12K.

We have this idea in our heads of renting a big beach house and just having everything there, however it does not seem that very many of those places exist, or they have strict rules and high fees.  We are going to have somewhere around 50 people.  I found some cool looking houses in the Destin area, but for November I think we really want to be further south since NW FL can be cooler by then. 

Has anyone rented a beach home to hold their ceremony and reception?  If so, where was it, and how was your experience? 

Re: Anyone have their wedding at a private beach home?

  • I got married at the Sunset Beach house, too.  I didn't have a backup plan, but I got married in April so it wasn't close to hurricane season like November is.
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  • Re: a rain backup plan -- 
    Our wedding is the first weekend in May, so the rain chances should be pretty low.  The offiical back up plan is renting a tent -- I found a tent rental place (US Tent Rental based in Sarasota) that says I would be able to get one from them with only about a week's notice.  So, if the forecast looks scary a week out, I'll probably just spend the money to rent a tent and then make the decision day-of whether to go through with setting it up or not depending on how the weather looks then.  Not ideal, but do-able.    

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    Did you ever find a venue?
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