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I'm looking for more information on the Powel Crosley. We think we will have about 120, and I see varying estimates on how many can fit inside. Does anyone know if we could do this many with long tables?

Also, how easy were they to work with? What was the price range for your reception? Any information you can provide is very much appreciated.

Thank you, ladies!

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    We went to a wedding there and I'd be surprised if it can accommodate 120 people in the main area.  Maybe if you split the guests between the main room and the room next to it.

    From what I understand, you rent the venue from them and have to purchase the liquor from them and the liquor staff must be from them also.  Their kitchen is not a cooking kitchen, so the food has to be brought in ready to serve (double check on this, but that's what I was told).

    Then you can choose whatever caterer/florist/dj or band you want.  There are no sleeping rooms there, so you'd probably have to rent a bus to ensure they wouldn't drive after drinking.

    To be honest, I wasn't impressed.  Depending on your budget, I'd suggest looking at the Ringling and the Ritz-Carlton Sarasota.

  • I was told 80 could squeeze into the main room, and then you can put 20 in each of the side rooms. So 120 might just work for you. I'm having over 200 outside on the lawn at the Crosley next April, and agree with everything else that @coraleetbwed said regarding their policies.

    The rental prices are on the website, but add on: tax, mandatory insurance (about $120 I think) and $125 per hour after 11pm (we're adding one extra hour so our event ends at 11pm and all the vendors have an hour to exit the premises). 

    The alcohol policy could equal a big expense as well (don't forget to add $150 per bartender).

    All in all, it's a pricey venue but it was our favorite against the other options. 
  • I booked the Crosley for next year. I have talked to several caterers who all say they can fit 100 max in the great room. There are two side rooms which can also be used for additional guests. If you use the two other rooms you should be able to fit 120 inside.
  • If you want the banquet style - max 76 in the main room, then you have to use the rounds for the sides rooms - 32 in one; balance is the last room  but you have to use all three rooms.  You cn see the styles on facebook; Sarasotaweddinggallery

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