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The Beeches (Rome)

Has anyone been married at the Beeches? My FI and I fell in love with it but they don't have a contract to sign and it's making me nervous.

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    I wasn't married at the beeches, but I have been to a few weddings there. The weddings are beautiful and they do a great job. However, I would be very careful about committing without a contract. The owner past away 2 months ago, so not sure if that has anything to do with it. Either way, contracts are a must with every vendor!!
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    I am happy to hear you love the Beeches. Sorry, I also did not get married, I am getting married at a Camp in Upstate, NY, but our guests are staying at the Beeches. Kind of weird that they didn't give you a contract, because they gave me a contract just for hotel rooms. Have you actually stayed at the Beeches? is it nice? I have only seen pictures. 
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    I haven't stayed there, but I've read some mixed reviews about the room. I think they redid them around 2006 or 07 because the reviews got MUCH better after that year. The reviews said that it was like stepping back in time and it was very quaint. My FI booked the honeymoon suite which is actually like a cottage away from everyone else which is really nice. And I was freaking out about the contract for nothing. I'm trying to get everything done asap and we haven't even sat down with her to talk about the food or the exact number of people, but she did send me a receipt of the deposit we made and the date, time, and room. I was reading a book on tax deductible weddings and if your camp has some historical significance or is part of the state like Delta Lake then you can actually claim the amount you paid on your taxes so it might be worth looking into.
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    hey -- thanks for the tax tip - that might be able to save us a ton of money! :-)
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    I didn't get married there, but one of my friends did. The food was swesome and everyone was pretty nice. The rooms are nice as well. Only Problems was they had 2 wedding that night going on and they over booked the cottage for the bride & grooms. So when my friends went to go get there keys and everything at the end of the night is when they found out that they had given the cottage to the other couple that got married. And they had no other rooms avaible. That part was pretty crappy. Other than that everything else was good.

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