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Intro.. finally

Well, since someone asked, I suppose I will follow the newbie instructions and post some info!

I have mostly been active on the DIY board, but recently I decided to see what you locals are up to!  Glad I did! So anyway, here it is:

Name: Danielle

Wedding date: August 19th, 2011

Location: Fallbrook, Oswego, NY (when I'm done decorating it will look way better than any pics you google!)

Colors: dark purple, ivory, and I just decided last week to throw in hot pink :)

BP: 2 BM, 1 jr BM, 1 flower girl, 4 GM

Proposal: April 19, 2010 .We used to always go for walks at the parkway after he got out of work. I was getting my hair done at the place he owns, and I was wondering why he was rushing us out of there. He wanted to "get out and enjoy the beautiful day," but it wasn't even sunny out! When I was done he locked up and went to his house to change, and I went to mine to do the same... (yeah, I went home, took my makeup OFF, and threw on jeans and a hoodie! If only I knew what was going to be happening!)

He came and picked me up and we walked and talked like always. As we're walking I see 2 trees with signs on them, one said "Will" and the next said "You" I instantly said "awww, that's so cute!" assuming that it was old, since "Marry" and "Me" were missing!

We continue walking and I see a woman standing there with a video camera, and a bench with flower petals on it. I instantly realized that the woman was waiting for someone and that a proposal was about to happen! We were holding hands, and he started to walk into the grass, pulling me with him. I instantly started pulling him back the other way.... I thought he was trying to be a jerk and get in the back of someones engagement video!!! So the whole way we walked to the bench I was trying to pull him the other way! I literally had NOOOO CLUE until we stopped and his voice was shaky when he talked!! Then I went into OMG OMG PANIC mode (in a good way!) He did the one knee thing, his parents were secretly parked up near the houses near the parkway watching with binoculars (mine were on a cruise,) and then we had a romantic private dinner out .. after I went back home and changed again! :)

Anything else you want to know just ask :)
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