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Venue Review-Valentino's New Hartford (kinda long)

Just realized I never wrote my review! (until I saw someone else's) word of advice if you plan on having ANYTHING here....get EVERYTHING in writing!  The owner (or the woman who is in charge of party planning anyway) tends to take phone calls (on her cell phone) while out of the office...and then forgets to ever write it she forgets!  So if at all possible...make sure any changes are made in person and written down! 

My next problem was when we orignially booked this site for my shower I had seen the menu on-line which showed price per person for a brunch buffet was $10.95....well...when I got there she said $13.95!  I tried to argue that it was online, but she called her daughter and her daughter said $13.95.  Actually online there was one spot that showed 10.95 and another that showed $13.95.  (It has since been fixed).  She charged me the higher of the two prices and said the other was old! this point we did not have a choice in choosing a different venue...or trust me...I would have!

Next, we had asked what color napkins she had available.  She said there was an orange, but not a dark orange (burnt orange), only bright orange.  So we decided to go with ivory since bright orange would not match the color scheme.  Show up morning of napkins!!! So to fix this she said that she would use the fountain for my mimosas and both would be FREE.  I thought this sounded strange, but hey, I'm not the professional..maybe she knows something I don't. was AWFUL!  The guests had to try to drip their wine glasses (not champaigne glasses) into this foamy, messy fountain to get a drink!  And in the end we were charged for the mimosas....they were NOT free! 

I know there is more to this mess, but I just can't think of what the other things were! 

Re: Venue Review-Valentino's New Hartford (kinda long)

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