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Zoom Tan Review

Tried it out yesterday, so far not impressed- I'm an orange speckled mess! At least it was free, I'm just hoping it fades by my shower Sunday.

Definitely thinking airbrush tan is the way to go. That'll be my next trial.

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Re: Zoom Tan Review

  • Bummer!  I'm going to try out spray tanning in April, hoping it comes out ok.
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  • Amazing timing! Groupon has an airbrush tanning deal today!
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  • I was thinking about spray tan but i am scared to end up orange
    Why? ???
  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:621Discussion:5f1e7e0c-1cd4-4fe3-8dc0-86bfdfd6dae5Post:ee31a5a1-08f8-4815-a1d7-09f49535f8a0">Re:Zoom Tan Review</a>:
    [QUOTE]I was thinking about spray tan but i am scared to end up orange
    Posted by achoinskahasbi[/QUOTE]

    hello, I always spray tan and I love it! Ive tried tanning beds but I never end up tanning only burning. So I use Zoom Tans spray tan instead or Total Tans mystic tan. I absolutley love both. When first using and leaving the spray tan at zoom tan you might notice little dots all over your body, but dont worry they wash off or blend in after the full 6 hours. If you use mystic tan at total tan there will not be any dots because they use a clear coat. Yet, both places have the same results. Just ask those who work at either places which color you should use for your specific skin type. and make sure to exfoliate before you go, yet do not use any lotions or make up because it creates a film and the spray tan wont adhere to your body. i would out of both places recommend Zoom tan the most, and if you go on there website they have a coupon for a 5 dollar spray tan and you can get any level you want. goodluck!
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