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Central New York

Stress, stress, stress (pretty much wedding unrelated)

I'm so fed up! I work as the head prep cook in a restaurant, and starting today they are pretty much reformatting the restaurant and making a TON of changes. Basically, my job barely exists; I went from full-time (40+ hours a week) to barely 20 hours. I am soo screwed. This is my only job!

I wanted to take a bit of a career change, and start working as a medical transcriptionist. I really want a stay at home job (it's my dream to be a housewife!). But, my mom has a job managing three hospitals and informed me that by the end of 2012 the medicial transcription profession will pretty much be obsolete. Ugh.

It's pretty much impossible to find any other legit work from home job, and I'm having trouble finding another job I'd be comfortable with. All this work/financial stress kills me. And then there's wedding stress. And family stress. Someone provide with a good stress-reliever?! I'm about to scream.

ok, ending overly-long rant now.
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Re: Stress, stress, stress (pretty much wedding unrelated)

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