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Any ideas for someone who will do a wedding cake at a reasonable price? I don't need anything too fancy. I am thinking a few teirs with ribbon and flower accent. Where are you guys going? What were the prices quoted? Who tasted the best?!

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    I'm getting mine through Biscotti's. They are pricy but we're doing a smallish 3 tier with a half sheet cake. Getting sheet cakes to supplement the traditional cake helps to save money.
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    SweetEndings in Jamesville. Im a friend of her son's and very very highly recommend her! I also agree with the sheet cake idea. I'd suggest Wegmans for that. Mmmmm!
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    I would also say Weggies, also sweet endings they have really good stuff, I know a few people who do it as a side job also that would do it for a reasonable price!
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    Awesome! We priced out Sweet endings and I think we are going to go there for a tasting... I also checked out Biscottis but like you said they were a little more.... Just trying to get a few more ideas.
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    Did you try mimi's downtown. Not sure on price but everything is yummy there.
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