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I saw a post from last year, but only 1 person responded (from the Upstate NY community).  Hoping some other Knotties in this community have some feedback since then!

Anyone have any feedback as hosts/guests for wedding receptions at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY?  How was the food, service, catering manager, etc.?  Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

My fiance and I went in to meet with the assistant, who gave us a tour and info packet.  In a few weeks we're going back for a more in-depth meeting.  It seems like a great and unique location for a wedding.  Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Again, have not been to a wedding, but have been to a formal event at the zoo.  It was fabulous!  The food was amazing and the staff was on the ball- glasses were alqays full, etc.
    I would highly recommend their event service.  I am sure their service for a wedding would be just as great.... plus, I think, as a guest, I would be totally psyched to go to a wedding at a zoo... definitely not something you get a chance to do often.
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    Ive never been to an event there but my mom looked into it for me. It is a very cool idea for a wedding!

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    Yah, I looked at their facebook site and it looks like the catering people have done more than a few events.  And they all looked great!  :) Plus the dishes look pretty delicious.   I totally went in thinking it'd be some rustic looking room, but it turned out to be a nice banquet room!  I was so surprised/excited!
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    I went to a few parties there and almost had my bridal shower there. it was really nice and the prices are great!
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    My husband and I could not have asked for a better wedding experience. Catering at the zoo provided everything we hoped for; friendly and knowledgable staff, great food

    and very accommodating management. The elephant demonstration was a fun addition to our wedding. We would recommend catering at the zoo as a great venue for any occasion.

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