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Help with seating chart please

Ladies, I am finalizing my seating chart and have a question regarding the do's and don'ts. Is it ok to mix up some of the tables with both sides of the family? I am confused because in one way I think (both sides see each other so much, It would be a little refreshing to mix up some tables to get to know other people) If I did mix up tables, it would be similar ages and ones with children others without. I know his side well enough that I feel like i'd be able to be a good judge on this. But..... is it necessary?? Another part of me thinks I should just keep it simple and easy and put my family members together and his together. Please help. I should have already had this done but now I have some family members involved saying I should mix it up a little and others saying just leave it. Like I said, I could go both ways. I just don't want my guests to feel uncomfortable. which, I don't feel like they would (maybe some) But I was trying to do like a few from his side, a few from mine so that they would know someone at the table but meet new people as well.. Sorry for rambling on. you get my point. I am going crazy. getting married on Saturday. have been going to bed at 2am the last few nights and feel like all these little things I never thought about keep popping up.

Re: Help with seating chart please

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    Simply to keep things as simple as possible, I would not mix up the tables.  You are getting married in three days and probably have tons of other things to do, so I would try to make this as easy and stress-free as possible.  Plus, I think if you are concerned at all about it being uncomfortable with some people, the safe thing to do is just put your family together and his family together and be done with it.  That being said, I don't think either option is a big no-no.  I just think you should do what is easiest and move on to getting other things ready.
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    Leave it the way it was. Dont worry about it. its not like they have to sit there all night. We started to worry about what people were thinking and realized it wasnt worth it!
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    I say... don't do one at all :) Okay, okay... that might not be an option for you-- but for precisely the reasons you're listing here (and others not mentioned) I would rather stab myself in the eye than think about being responsible for "sitting someone" in a certain area of the venue.  No matter what I chose, somehow it would be wrong! This would be one more task for me to fail at doing correctly, so my solution was to let everyone find their own seats!  Sorry I'm no help!  Good luck though!
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