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We're in the process of designing our save-the-dates (finally), and I notice that a lot of people include their website on the STD's for other information-- hotel, travel, etc. We were going to include an accommodation's card in the STD, so is it necessary to have a website? We started to put one together on The Knot, but we're starting to feel like it could be a bigger pain than anticipated...

Any thoughts?
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Re: Wedding Website

  • sbolger17sbolger17 member
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    I always like a website, but it's not necessary.  :-)

    Mine is (was?) a basic website on TK and it did take forever to put together!
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    LOL!! ah, the time factor.. always the case. We'll figure it out as we go. If we do have one, we can always put the info on the invitation :-) Thanks!!
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    I don't think a wedding website is necessary, but can be helpful since sometimes people may misplace their invite/STD and can just search your name online.  Plus it might be helpful if you have a lot more info than you can fit on your STD.  In the end though, it's not really necessary if you don't have the time because people can just email you or call you since presumably anyone you're inviting has your contact info.  :)
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    I say its definitely worth it... if for nothing else than a place to collect your thoughts and stay organized. 

    It can definitely be time consuming (and become obsessive)... but the good thing is, you cna just chip away at it in little pieces as you need to or have time for.  AND you cand update/change as often as necessary.

    I used TK for family and made a weebly one for me. 
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