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Finally settling on a color scheme...thoughts?

Think I finally decided on a color palette that will work for our fall-themed wedding. I originally was going to do burnt orange, yellow, and forest green. But never really grew on the forest green.

Soo, now I think I really like orange, pops of yellow (our flowers are sunflowers), and a cranberry red. I think I really like!

Here is my inspiration board.

there's no yellow really in there, but like I said, it would be more like pops of yellow.
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Re: Finally settling on a color scheme...thoughts?

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    Love!  I love fall colors and fall weddings!
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    That's gorgeous!
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    Very pretty!  I'm having sunflowers too so I love that!
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    I love it! My sister is getting married in October and has always been in love with sunflowers so shes doing just about the same thing. Her centerpieces are a center candle with caged fall leaves (fake). Us girls are wearing DBs "apple" a darker red and we'll carry sunflowers. I know shes got a burnt orange tied in there too I just cant think of where at the moment.

    I love the fall themes. Maybe a few hints of brown? I like that too :)

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    I love it!! We're going to do burnt orange and gray ... sort of a play off of the gray and yellow with a Syracuse twist!
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