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AW: Off my check list!

Ok, so Im very pleased with what Ive gotten done so far today!

1) Called the DJ to make sure they gt my deposit and to tell them what DJ I did NOT want.

2) The whole hair disaster. Ive decided Im going with my friend. And Im going to have her do my make-up too (that I trust her whole heartedly with)

3) Decided on my cake. Its a friends mom whose food Ive been eating since I was 14ish and I looove. I was thinkin she was a bit pricey but after researching, decided she's really not and I'd rather pay $100 more for her amazing cupcakes, and $100 less for someone who is good and generic chocolate/vanilla. So tomorrow morning I will stop by her shop and give her my deposit

4) Sent out my STD to my out of towners

5) Finished my wedding website! (if you'd like the link let me know and Ill PM it to you! I dont want to post it b/c it has my date, time location etc and I know there are some creepers here...

I havent made up my mind with chairs yet, but Im workin on it. Ive done the research, now I just need to call and make sure there are no hidden fees that Im missing. And make a decision. Ive been talking a bit with the girl whose wedding is after mine so we're gunna split the cost with is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

Now I just need to check off my everyday check list...shower, get dressed, etc. Haha. Maybe Ill workout first....

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Re: AW: Off my check list!

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