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flip flops/alternate shoes

I am in love with my 4" shoes for the wedding. I dont think my feet will love them for the 10 hours I will be on my feet. My dress has already been altered an picked up. So I will have to find something else to wear - Any suggestions for a place to find flip flops preferably 3" or so...I honestly dont care what color. 


Re: flip flops/alternate shoes

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    Victoria's Secret has a few differet styles of platform/chunky flip flops... some are really cute with glittery sparkleness...
    I said the heck with shoes... I am not wearing any... I LOVE to be barefoot on a normal day and will definitely not be increasinghg my chances of falling on my face on my wedding day... hee hee!  No shoes for me!!!
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    I'm a HUGEE flipflop lover. I say go for the flipflops. Also, there's so many adorable flats that are ultra-comfortable!
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    OH. And try out Target. I just bought some flip flops with a chinky heel for about 8 bucks. They're so adorable.
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