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Dear Car,

Did you really have to die THIS month, of ALL months?!?! Half the reception bill is due, and now I need to replace you. We have had such a "fun" four years, why couldn't you make it  at least 8 more months :(


Empty Bank Account

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Re: Dear....

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    Dear ILs,

    Thank you for being cool about DH and I going to my mother's house for Thanksgiving even though we already told you we were going to your house.

    your new DIL
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    Dear Internal Clock,

    Please adjust back to NY time. I know Hawaii was awesome and you would so much rather be there right now, but being on island time isn't good for my job. You will get an hour back next month for daylight savings, so please let me function properly.


    Are you sure it isn't 8 am right now?
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