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How do you pic the right photog?

We live in CNY but are getting married in Scranton,PA and would like to find a great photog without it being ridiculous. 

We like the natural style.
 With all the options, how do you choose the right one?

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Re: How do you pic the right photog?

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    I scoped out a lot of photographers on websites and found the one I wanted at an Expo. I loved the style of her pictures. She was a little (very little) more than I wanted to spend, but FI and I agreed that pictures were very important to us.

    Try using the internet to narrow it down and email the ones you like to get a feel for how they respond and how fast, if you guys are compatible, and if they can actually give you what you're looking for.
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    Honestly? I picked my coworker's nephew because he has a good portfolio and is cutting us a really good deal. I'm not one of those brides that thinks photography is more important than anything else. I want pictures from the day but it really wouldn't bother me if they weren't professional.

    My advice is to ask around for recommendations. has reviews written by brides. Ask to see their portfolio and pick the one that looks/sounds the best!
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    Gosh... Kev and I spent hours and hours and hours online browsing through websites and reading reviews.  It got very frustrating... the photographers that we loved were too expensive... and the ones within our budget, we couldn't afford.
    After weeks of searching, we literally stumbled on our photographer, Tess Moran.  She is out of Buffalo (which is actually relatively close to our reception site on Seneca Lake... or at least just as close as Syracuse would be).  We met with her and booked her almost immediately.  She was WAAAAAY cheaper than we were even hoping to spend and her style is perfect for us.
    Moral of the story is... take your time... read reviews, search websites, arrange meetings to look over their portfolio- IF this is a part of the wedding that is very important to you.
    Someone told me when I first began plannign my wedding that
    "The dress will sit in a closet for years, the flowers will wilt and no one will really remember the food or the music...
    When all is said and done, you will onyl have 3 things left from your wedding... your husband, your ring, and your pictures..."
    It really made me think.  I have always loved pictures, but I thought she was right... I wanted beautiful pictures to look back on, show my friends and my children some day.
    I was so glad that we did not compromise on quailty to get a good price.  We put in the time and effort to really research and review before we made our decision... and it paid off!!!

    **If you scroll back throguh this CNY board, many former brides (now wives) have been kind enough to post their reviews and make recommendations... you can also ask any friends or co-workers who have either been recently married or been to weddings... they can be valuable resources as well.
    Just take your time, check out their websites/portfolios and email or call (like lcorey said)... the times it takes them to get back to you can be a good indicator of how important their clients are to them and how quickly they will respond to you should you hire them.
    Good luck!!!
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