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Buffalo touches to an out of town wedding

I'm a born and raised Buffalonian but am not having my wedding there.  I would like to have little touches of Buffalo during my wedding reception.  Any ideas?

Re: Buffalo touches to an out of town wedding

  • shugameganshugamegan member
    edited December 2011
    Depending on the food you are having, you could add local condiments like Webber's Mustard, Ruttie's Blue Cheese, Anchor Bar or Duff's wing sauce. You could serve roast beef on Weck.

    Local beers like Genny, Labatts or Molson Canadian.
    Possibly tie landmarks or sports teams in decor or favors.

    What do you hae planned so far?
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  • degreadegrea member
    edited December 2011
    Buffalo is most know for it food, so the suggestion above work for me. Also if you are a Bills fan you could play the Bills Shout song instead of the orginal shout song. You could also name the table names famous place or building in Buffalo. That is all I can think of right now. If I come up with something else I will let you know.
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    what about doing fowlers chocolate favors?  like the ones shaped like buffalos?
  • edited December 2011
    I'm thinking some of the easiest places to work Buffalo touches in would be favors and table names.
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    I like the naming the tables idea and to add to it,  maybe black and white photos of the place the table is named after?
  • AeroStyleAeroStyle member
    edited December 2011
    In Response to Re: Buffalo touches to an out of town wedding:
    [QUOTE]what about doing fowlers chocolate favors?  like the ones shaped like buffalos?
    Posted by cmalchow[/QUOTE]
    Haha we're doing the same thing for our out of town guests. Except our Buffalos will be from Alethea's in Clarence. Both delicious!
  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    edited December 2011
    I agree. Buffalo is known for food!  Either do some 'Buffalo favorites" such as beef on weck, or wings... or go for italian/polish/irish/greek dishes.  definitely see if you can find some local brews or molson.  Perhaps loganberry for the little ones.  Bison chip dip, etc, etc.... I know you can ship most of that stuff elsewhere too.

    the idea of table names being buffalo landmarks is pretty neat -- especially with all the great architecture.  if you're sports fans, you could incorporate bills/sabres colors. photos of hsbc or the old aud, or bills stadium might be fun.  You could also do different 'districts' such as allentown, elmwood, etc

    I'm sure you can think up some awesome ideas about what you love about being a Buffalonian!

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